It's a new challenge for me. Getting out of my comfort zone and pushing my limits on digital drawing. It's a new challenge. for the next few days, I will push myself on getting better at outline drawing.

I will publish the result of each day on this page.

There's no good or bad. This is just a journey on acquiring a new skill. Learning a new technique.

Day 1

Day 1 result. Not so bad. Quite amazed at how the "Pen" tool is so useful. Need to work on tires.

Day 2

Learned how to fine adjust line connections and also used the "Circle" tool on tires. Looks better now. This is a 2011 Land Rover Discovery 4.

Day 3

Getting better on the pen, circle, and line tools... This is a '99 Land Rover Defender.

Day 4

Learning how to use a pen and other drawing tools faster. This is a Mercedes G Brabus.

Day 5

It's a Rubicon!

Day 6

Ford F350. Experimented with different stroke widths.

Day 7

Mercedes Unimog. I'm not satisfied with this work, because the original image was in poor quality and the perspective was not properly set.

Day 8

1979 Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC (R 107)