My updated North Star Document

My updated North Star Document
Photo by Federico Di Dio photography / Unsplash

In accordance with my vision and mission, I update my North Star document every few months.

My goal this time is to inspire anyone out there looking for a "north star" in their lives...

As well as keeping my North Star document in Notion, I also take a screenshot of it and put it on my desktop for easy access.

My North Star document begins with my character. To identify and classify my character, I use 16 Personalities:

The second part is about my Core Values. At the moment, I have six core values that help me make decisions based on them. It is my goal to say "No" to anything that conflicts with my core values.

The next part is my mantra. When I do "The Miracle Morning" session around 5 a.m. every morning, I remind myself of my mantra.

My vision and mission are the fourth part of my North Star document. I consider this to be the most important part of my document. My vision (what I'm going to do) and my mission (how I'm going to do it) indicate my life path:

My "Not To Do List" follows. There are a lot of things on this list that I do NOT want to do in my life. This list is always on my mind and I try not to cross it off.

Next is my fear list, we all have fears we are aware of and unaware of. I write about my major fears to keep them in my mind. Sometimes I have tons of fears on this list, and sometimes I don't. If I notice that I have fears in my mind, I list them here and write the worst case scenario if the fear becomes a reality. Most of the time, we live our lives controlled by illusionary fears.

The Wheel of Life is the final part. I use this small tool to keep track of my life. In my North Star document, I paste a screenshot of my "Wheel of Life" updated using this tool. Your Wheel of Life will be displayed once you have scored each section. It will give you an idea of how balanced your life is overall and what areas you need to focus on. Put a date on it and review it at least every few months.

It's that simple. Every few months, I review my North Star document for 10-15 minutes. I would like to thank David Henzel for teaching me and inspiring me to create my own North Star document five years ago. It's a game changer.